Healthcare | National Pharmacy Benefits Management Company

Initiative | Process Design and Development for Operations

The Goals | Increase customer satisfaction outcomes by enhancing internal communication and establishing usable process and procedural documents.

Our Role | Provide expertise, train teams and create process documents and an online presence for knowledge management.

Bellewether consulting services were needed by a rapidly growing, nationally recognized, pharmacy benefit management firm. This client needed assistance in the identification, development and documentation of its processes and procedures.

Initial discovery uncovered a lack of documented processes and procedures. This missing information was creating volumes of processing errors resulting in client frustration, employee fatigue and lost revenues in the client services division. What’s more they were experiencing an increase in the attrition rate of new hires and seasoned employees, given gaps in the communication channels that drive strategic goals and day to day operations.

Our work included not only the initial identification of gaps, but the on-going creation of a business process structure, dissemination channel (Intranet), development of process and procedures and the transfer of process theory and knowledge to the teams. During out time on this project we delivered over 800 process documents.

The 2-year span of this project resulted in the successful implementation of hundreds of documented processes and procedures. These processes and procedures now reside on the company’s Intranet website and are used throughout the Client Services organization.

Additionally, Bellewether consultants expanded the leadership capacity of the team through mentoring, one-on-one coaching and facilitated group sessions. Knowledge transferred from Bellewether now allows this team to carry the process work forward, using the developed structures created during the project.

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