It is our mission to improve the practices, processes, people and performance of our client organizations by providing value‐added perspectives that generate measurable and positive change. Our clients come from a broad band of private sector enterprises and corporations, government, and community‐based organizations across the United States, Canada, Asia and North Africa. Our products, services and experience align with myriad industries including but not limited to construction, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telephony and education.

Bellewether utilizes the 4P model outlined below and a proprietary 8 pillar platform to target key metrics in every client engagement.

The 8 pillars have been proven to solidify relationships, enhance community good will, increase revenues, trigger innovation and attract top talent.

Each element of the 4P Model is present in every organization. Likewise each is always tied to no less than 3 others. There is no movement toward REAL success when the business practice does not guide the processes, and when the processes do not guide the people. Measurable, actionable performance is only achieved if these elements are working in harmony and supporting one another.