Human Asset Imaging® Inventory
Unlike other assessments that measure skills, attitudes, perceptions or aptitudes, the Human Asset Imaging® Online Inventory evaluates knowledge; 8 dimensions and 32 competencies of what is needed to effectively interact with others. Designed to complement the Human Asset Imaging® series of programs, the HAI-Inventory can help to target training dollars, pinpointing areas for improvement and rapidly building sustainable development plans.
(HAII Product Brochure)

Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire
The Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire is the most valid, reliable and comprehensive knowledge-based leadership assessment instrument available today. The LLQ uses 339 multiple-choice questions to test whether the participant knows the most effective leadership behaviors in 27 specific leadership dimensions, and is appropriate for an executive level professional employee or manager. (LLQ Product Brochure)

Knowledge for Leaders
Similar to the LLQ but with fewer questions, the Knowledge for Leaders measures 8 dimensions of effective leadership. Assessment price includes online password/login and a 1-hour feedback session. This assessment is appropriate for any employee, and group outcome reports are also available. (KFL Product Brochure)

Knowledge for Teams
The KFT is a multiple-choice questionnaire measuring 6 critical team dimensions. This tool identifies and assesses strengths as a team member or team leader and pinpoints needs for further development. A perfect tool for building collaborative project teams, individual contributors and administrative staff. Assessment price includes online password/login and individual and group feedback reports. (KFT Product Brochure)