The element of Practice sets the foundation of the business culture and drives strategic goals of the organization. It is here that customers solidify perceptions of the organization and decide to either “do business” or “walk away.” Policies and strategic mapping frame the evolution of positive internal and external relationships.

The customer MUST feel confident that the company can deliver on their needs and goals.

Without Practice Strategy:

The customer experience will be inconsistent throughout the organization and often the experience promised by sales is not the experience delivered by service and support. If the service or support side of the organization is not aligned with the sales organization, customers can fall away, never to be heard from again.

This can push the customer out the door.


The Bellewether solution empowers departments to work in cross-functional ways, increasing communication, process handoffs and knowledge of organizational policies. Decision-making, problem-solving and utilizing interpersonal skillfulness come in to play.

This can build better customer relationships, internally and externally, increase positive results, thereby, creating greater revenue and productivity.