The element of Process drives workflow. It is here that the customer experiences the promises made in the sales cycle. Processes assist individuals and teams in executing business, pushing the practice forward, creating trust and solid internal and external relationships.

The customer MUST feel they can trust the company to execute and deliver, products or services.

Without Process Strategy:
Work comes into the organization through various channels, is distributed in various way and may or may not be completed in a timely, accurate or customer pleasing way. The customer experience creates anxiety and often frustration. Customers are not inclined to build relationships and are not included to repeat the experience.

Work may or may not be accomplished.


The Bellewether solution provides a consistent and accurate workflow for internal associates, which in turn creates an “easy to business” experience for the customer. The customer expectations are not only met, they are exceeded. Internal customers of the organization can systematically follow a logical workflow and can identify ways to improve the efficiency of the work being accomplished. They know expectations, understand their role and can even assist others in building and maintaining that crucial customer relationship.

Good Practice Structure + Solid Process Documentation = Structural Foundation for Growth