FLITER assesses the business activities of income generation, finance, production, marketing, personnel, business operations, management, customer service, technology, procurement, inventory, and distribution. It calculates the current functioning and assigns a level of performance: from Pre-level 1 to Level 3.

FLITER is an innovative process and a comprehensive system designed to help SMEs evolve. FLITER components are accessed electronically; utilizing desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet technologies.

Use your report to make progress on your own or with your own FLITER Business Coach – save time and money on gap analysis and by targeting those business categories where challenges most exist.






The standard FLITER System includes:

The FLITER Business & Leadership Rating Scale is composed of four parts:

1. FLITER Business & Leadership Rating Scale: Assessment
2. FLITER Business & Leadership Rating Scale: Assessment Guide
3. FLITER Business & Leadership Rating Scale: Levels Summary Report
4. FLITER Business & Leadership Rating Scale: Score By Activity Report