FLITER Need Or Challenge Sheet

To further the experience, supplemental elements can enhance or quicken the development of the individual leader and/ or enterprise. A menu of singly available À la carte items are ordered, priced and sold separately.

  • FLITER Need or Challenge Solution Sheets – Individual one-page sheets that outline solutions to common SME challenges
  • FLITER Owner Effectiveness Scale & Report – online owner self-evaluation and results statement
  • FLITER Owner Effectiveness Scale Guide – An owner’s performance development guide
  • Human Asset Imaging® Inventory & ReportOnline, knowledge-based, interpersonal dynamics assessment and results commentary
  • Human Asset Imaging® Inventory Guide – An owner’s guide to improved interpersonal relationships

TOP 10 Benefits one can expect

  1. FLITER is practical, functional and easy to use
  2. FLITER moves the business along much more rapidly
  3. FLITER saves on wasted money and energy
  4. FLITER gives the business owner greater control of the enterprise
  5. FLITER brings calm and gives hope as the company grows more stable
  6. FLITER gives guidelines, suggestions, tips, approaches and processes to measurable change
  7. FLITER is affordably priced, fitting even the most modest budget
  8. FLITER data will impress bankers, bonding companies, investors and other stakeholders
  9. FLITER lays out a path to progress that causes the business to advance
  10. FLITER is empowering to business owners