Utilize these one page sheets as your own personal consultant. Each topic provides an explanation of a need or challenge, symptoms of what may be going on in the organization related to the symptoms, and a list of possible solutions to resolve the challenge.

Available to support your progress once you complete your FLITER Business & Leadership Rating Scale. Call it training on demand! Build your own book as you purchase individual sheets that you require.

Sold exclusively by Bellewether through the Human Asset Imaging® Institute. www.hai-institute.com.

Solution Sheets Currently Available Include:

  1. Better Prospecting Tools,
  2. Better Trained Staff
  3. Business Partner or Investor
  4. Established Processes & Procedures
  5. Greater Industry Knowledge
  6. Leadership Team
  7. More Education for Yourself
  8. Motivated Staff that work Together
  9. Productivity Enhancing Tools & Technologies
  10. Stronger Professional Relationships
  11. Understanding Economics
  12. Understanding How to Operate & Manage a Business
  13. Additional Workers
  14. FOCUS
  15. Steady Income & Improved Cash Flow
  16. Bonding Capabilities

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