What is the FLITER® System?

The FLITER® System is a set of products and services focused on the assessment of business operations and market readiness.

The flagship of this system is the FLITER® Business & Leadership Rating Scale (BLRS). The FLITER® BLRS is an evaluative tool organizations can leverage to measure the operational performance levels of their small- to mid-sized vendors and suppliers. The FLITER® BLRS enables companies to:

  • assess their suppliers’ capacity and efficiency across 12 dimensions of business development
  • identify operational gaps
  • guide suppliers through a robust improvement process with actionable recommendations for optimizing performance across each of the twelve dimensions

Business areas assessed include:

  1. Income Generation
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Procurement
  5. Management
  6. Customer Service
  7. Technology
  8. Production
  9. Personnel
  10. Business Operations
  11. Distribution
  12. Inventory

Who is FLITER® for?

The FLITER® BLRS is designed for any organization that relies on small- to mid-sized vendor support, and is looking to assess and improve the business operations of those vendors. 

Whether you’re a corporate managing a supplier diversity program, a government entity working to uphold federal supplier diversity mandates, a manufacturer striving to improve your supply chain performance, or any organization working in collaboration with vendors, FLITER® BLRS can help you direct growth, mitigate risk, and guide your suppliers toward improved business outcomes. 

Why is measurement important?

Supply chain managers need efficient ways to prove the ROI of their programming and support their suppliers’ business growth. Without a clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and typical operations of each supplier, it’s impossible to define success or track progress.

FLITER® BLRS allows business leaders a proverbial look “under the hood” of each of their suppliers, assigning them a numerical level across each of the twelve business dimensions. As suppliers “level up” by focusing on implementing structure in targeted areas of the business, business leaders will be able to clearly see the impact of their investment and target areas for future improvement and growth.

The FLITER® process

Through a comprehensive, research-based process aligned with the U.S. Department of Labor Competency Model for Entrepreneurship, the FLITER® BLRS assesses vendors across twelve business categories and leads owners through a series of steps to move their company from one level of performance to the next.

Two standard outcome reports identify current levels of performance and provide owners and program managers with an understanding of where the company is today. Owners are also provided a development guide that includes specific, actionable, step-by-step recommendations for how to achieve quantifiable progress across each business dimension. Suppliers can use their report to make progress on their own, or in partnership with a business mentor or consultant to save time and money.

Various formats of feedback are available beyond the standard reports. These include: 

  • Insight reports (customized feedback that includes consultative recommendations on how to move to the next level)
  • Snapshot reports (post-program assessments that demonstrate where progress was achieved)
  • One-on-one feedback with a Bellewether Ltd consultant

Supply chain managers and program managers will receive a standard group report (if managing a cohort of participants) which shows overall supplier cohort outcomes and identifies group needs for further learning

Other options available to program managers are:

  • Gap analysis group report identifying strengths and weaknesses of the cohort and providing resources to enhance mentor and classroom progress
  • In-class training components (2- or 4-hour sessions) tied to the twelve key business functions, designed to close gaps and increase topic knowledge
  • Online, interactive webinars focused on topics identified as needs through the group reports

How did we create FLITER®?

Since 1994, we have been striving to improve individual, corporate, and small business performance. In those decades of experience, we saw too many organizations spin their wheels and expend enormous amounts of time, money and effort on supplier programs that didn’t achieve sufficient positive or sustainable outcomes. 

As we helped vendors and suppliers grow, we recognized the need for a robust, data-driven framework that both facilitates and quantifies that growth–to answer not just “what do we do?”, but “how do we do it?” and “how do we know when we’ve made progress?”

To build the FLITER® system, we compiled two years’ worth of research and consulted with dozens of subject matter experts to identify best practices for every level of every dimension of business growth, and create actionable recommendations for progressing to the next level. Our system is backed by decades of expertise and nationally-recognized models of operational competency.

And we’re backed by one other thing: results. FLITER® has been used by more than 400 businesses.  Organizations that sought to assess and develop their supply chain, have seen measurable  business outcomes. Contact us to learn more about our FLITER® success stories.

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