If you are responsible for developing programs to support and improve your vendors, suppliers, or community members, you need a way to determine if your programs are effective. How do you know if the participants in the program are improving? What criteria will you use to measure success? Do you even know where each participant started? Do you have a way to measure ROI?

Having effective and data-driven program evaluation tools is a critical and often overlooked element of program success. Most program managers are so busy developing and implementing the programming that they do not have a way to measure progress.

At Bellewether Ltd., we’ve leveraged our decades of experience to build innovative assessment tools for supplier development, supplier diversity/DBE development, and community-based member evaluation. These tools will help you measure a supplier’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, to demonstrate the ROI of your program in a tangible and quantifiable way. Designed to be separate from any one supplier development program, these tools can integrate into your existing system to evaluate your program participants and improve your business outcomes.

Supplier development evaluation tools - 600 wide

Supplier development evaluation tools

The FLITER® Business and Leadership Rating Scale (BLRS) is a diagnostic tool that helps you design and implement effective assessment and improvement programs. Vendors are evaluated across 12 key business dimensions, and the tool includes customizable reports and actionable recommendations for how each vendor can “level up” in each area. Learn more about how your organization can leverage the BLRS to achieve measurable business growth.

Supplier diversity/DBE evaluation tools

Vendor assessment can provide invaluable data and insights about your DBE suppliers’ business operations, and how you can guide them towards increased capacity and efficiency. Our DBE diagnostic tools can help you prioritize your resources (time, energy, and dollars) by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of improvement for each supplier across key business areas. Learn more about supporting your DBE vendors with Bellewether’s program evaluation tools.

Community-based member evaluation tools

The FLITER® Owner Effectiveness Scale (OES) is a diagnostic tool for community-based organizations to help their members that are new or prospective business owners. To support local business owners and entrepreneurs, you need data-driven recommendations. With Bellewether’s OES, you’ll help individuals answer the question: “do I have what it takes to start my own business?” Learn more about how your community-based organization can leverage innovative program evaluation tools to demonstrate a positive ROI and improve community business outcomes.

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