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Assessment is an important part of determining success. Through assessment, organizations can evaluate knowledge, skill, attitude and ability, as well as measure progress. Not every assessment is formal; but whether formal or not, all should offer some indication about how to move forward and adapt strategies to achieve goals.

If your organization’s ultimate goal requires personal or cultural change, then an appraisal of the current state of affairs must be the first step in the evaluation and improvement process.

Organizations that realize employees are an integral part of brand identity have a market advantage

The knowledge-based assessments available through Human Asset Imaging® Institute provide:

  • Quick, reliable results
  • Quantifiable learning gains
  •  Information for targeted spending in known areas of need
  • An attainable pathway for skill development

In organizations, it’s imperative that all activities are driven by specific goals within predetermined timeframes, all while adhering to budget and quality parameters. Productivity is measured by the alignment of business activities with business objectives. Therefore, efficiency is key to any business’s ability to achieve success. The Human Asset Imaging® Institute’s assessment programs can help quantify productivity and identify areas of improvement.

Of the various types of evaluations used in organizations, from opinion surveys, aptitude tests, skill evaluations and the like, the HAI Institute relies most heavily on knowledge-based assessments. Though these do not directly predict performance, they accurately measure the status quo and can quantifiably represent the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Interpersonal skills impact every level of organizational success, including individual achievement. The ability to form relationships with others and to leave a positive impression is essential for every job in every industry.  Awareness of interpersonal skills can increase employee confidence and capability, leading to greater productivity and more effective collaboration. 

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The Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire [LLQ]

The Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire (LLQ) is among the most valid, reliable and comprehensive knowledge-based leadership assessment tools available today. The LLQ uses 339 multiple-choice questions to test whether the participant can identify the most effective leadership behaviors in 27 specific leadership dimensions. Assessment price includes online password/login and a 45-minute feedback session. This assessment is appropriate for all employees, especially mid-level managers and frontline supervisors. Group reports are also available.

The 27 leadership dimensions measured in the LLQ are Assigning Work, Mentoring, Coaching Employees, Oral (One-On-One) Communication, Managing Change, Handling Emotional Situations with Employees, Managing Conflicts and Grievances, Counseling a Problem Employee, Helping an Employee Make Decisions, Delegating, Taking Disciplinary Action, Vision and Strategic Planning, Setting Goals and Objectives, Planning with Employees, Trust and Loyalty Within an Organization, Conducting Employee Meetings, Giving Positive Feedback, Negotiating, Conducting Performance Appraisals, Establishing Performance Standards, Persuading/Influencing Employees, Ethics in the Organization, Problem Solving with Employees, Conducting Selection Interviews, Team Building, Organizational Culture, Project Management and One-On-One Training.

Knowledge For Leaders

Similar to the LLQ but with fewer questions, Knowledge for Leaders measures 8 dimensions of effective leadership. Assessment price includes online password/login and a 45-minute feedback session. This assessment is appropriate for all employees. Group reports are also available.

The 8 leadership dimensions measured in the Knowledge for Leaders assessment include Coaching & Counseling, Communicating Effectively, Influence & Negotiation, Managing Change, Performance Management, Setting Goals & Standards, Managing Conflict, Problem Solving & Decision Making

Knowledge for Teams

A multiple choice questionnaire measuring 6 critical team dimensions. This tool assesses strengths as a team member or team leader and pinpoints areas for further development. Knowledge for Teams is a perfect tool for building collaborative project teams, individual contributors and administrative staff. Assessment price includes online password/login and individual and group feedback reports. This assessment is appropriate for all employees and groups.

Couple the team assessment with team training sessions to fill the gaps identified through the assessment process.

The 6 leadership dimensions measured in Knowledge for Teams include Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Change and Coaching.

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