Do you own a business?

10Do You Fliter_biggerTired of people telling you to “take your business to the next level” without knowing what “level” means or which one you are currently on?

Check out Bellewether’s latest assessment designed to help you:
• find your current “level”
• stabilize where you are
• move up in a step-by-step, guided process


Founded in 1994, Bellewether is an organization development firm that specializes in business operations, strategic practice and process mapping and the development of clear and accurate operational structures and electronic content management solutions.

We enable our client organizations to stabilize and grow by improving the fundamentals that bring profitability. (Profit = “4 P’s”/Practice, Process, People and Performance).

From technical documentation, procedural maps and workflows and distribution and data management methods, our services take the guess work (or inefficient re-work) out of day to day operations.

Learn more about our services or call us @ 816.554.9400 to talk about how we can support your efficient growth.


Our Subsidiary, The Human Asset Imaging® Institute serves as Bellewether Global’ s evolving repository of learning, knowledge, and expertise in interpersonal skills development. The Human Asset Imaging® team has more than 50 years’ experience working with businesses and the people that drive them—identifying what works and improving what does not.

The Human Asset Imaging® Institute helps organizations improve business relationships to provide the resilience necessary for sustainability.

For a full understanding of all the ways to increase the effectiveness of your employees and teams, visit the HAI-Institute at or call us @ 816.533.7380 to talk about how we can increase productive communication, and instill solid interpersonal understanding that builds lasting relationships.

Bellewether and the Human Asset Imaging® Institute together form Bellewether Global.