Jami Henry, president and COO of Bellewether Ltd., was honored by the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) as one of eight “Women Who Move the Nation” in a Kansas City celebration ceremony on the morning of March 30th. 

The awards ceremony recognized individuals in the Kansas City area who have made a significant impact in the transportation industry. COMTO is a leading national advocate for diversity and inclusion, and represents more than 3 million minorities from the U.S. and Canada who work in all aspects of the industry.

“During her 30-year career, Jami has successfully employed her knowledge and talent for improving operations within complex systems,” Doria Watson of COMTO said when Jami received her award. “A lifelong champion of diversity and inclusion as a means of achieving business objectives, Jami’s skill set has been put to work by public and private sector entities operating in and outside of the U.S.”

Jami’s work with transportation consulting at Bellewether has allowed her to work with hundreds of company owners around the nation to advance their business goals. Bellewether has an ongoing contract with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to strengthen the abilities and capacities of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs). Jami and her team uses the proprietary FLITER® system to assess and evaluate vendors across 12 business dimensions, and outline concrete action steps for improving performance in each dimension.

Bellewether’s work with MoDOT has allowed Jami to support and assist well over 300 small- or medium-sized companies, predominantly minority- or woman-owned. In her speech, Jami discussed how honored she was to be recognized among such an impressive group of women, and how proud she is to do such important work. She ended her speech by emphasizing the vital importance of equity in the transportation industry.

“Transportation in all of its forms is an essential industry,” she said. “It stands out because it’s fundamental to supporting economic growth, creating jobs, and connecting people to the essential services of life. This industry, like no other, touches every single individual, nationally and globally, every single day, on a personal and a professional level. We, as a nation and global economy, are dependent on the movement that it creates.”

On June 2nd, Bellewether will move into its 30th year of business, and Jami and her team look forward to continuing and expanding their transportation consulting services. “I am honored to do this work and honored for this recognition,” she concluded. “Thank you.”

Watch Jami’s full speech here. And to learn more about Bellewether’s work with the transportation industry, click here or contact our expert team!