Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis compares your current situation with the future state you would like to achieve. A well-executed gap analysis defines and measures progress of internal projects, product development initiatives, leadership advancement or just about anything you are trying to improve. The analysis identifies where you are today, what future state you want to attain and all the elements it will take to create a successful outcome or improved situation.

Operations Excellence
“How” you do what you do is often of greater importance than the fact that you do it. Organizations are often growing and using old process structures that may have once served them well, but as growth occurs, can no longer keep up with capacity needs and customer demands. Addressing operational challenges is necessary and better if one can anticipate how growth will impact daily operations, and proactively seek ways to support employees and customers.

Process and Performance Efficiencies
Bellewether and the Human Asset Imaging® Institute combine forces to look beyond “symptoms” and find the real issues that are holding the organization back. We provide a quick and cost effective Operations Health Check to identify how your operations are supporting the work you do. Our objective “third eye” can save you and your team time and money but most importantly, we can help you keep the customers you work so hard to obtain.

Assessment, Training and Curriculum
Bellewether’s subsidiary, the Human Asset Imaging® Institute, blends psychology, sociology and anthropology with business and economics to provide tools needed to cope with today’s complex communications, tough competition and increased globalization. We offer myriad knowledge-based assessments, individual and team development training and packaged and action-oriented curriculum to initiate accountable progress.

Advanced Analytics
The Amplify Team works with the company to utilize psychometric analysis in finding ways to best match different kinds of customers with different kinds of products/services. By understanding the psychological drivers of the consumer, and by understanding the psychological drivers of the products/services, we can more effectively align, in a quantitative way, the products/services to the appropriate market channels.

Using the Amplify System, the company benefits from understanding a more predictable response to products/service from both a new or previous customer perspective.

Document Management and Private Cloud Collaboration
The Gartner Group, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, states that on average, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information. This means that the average hourly wage you pay your employees over a year impacts your profit by half the cost of payroll. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have been left out when trying to access powerful tools that produce efficient processes, increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and eliminate duplication.

Don’t get slammed by Internet options that can leave your valuable data at risk. We can help you implement a PRIVATE CLOUD solution without the cost of hardware, software and IT maintenance.